aptitude test
Urgent Naukri Aptitude Test is specially designed to tell your aptitude score. This scoring will be live on Urgent Naukri while any company will search for you here.
cracking interviews
Urgent Naukri provides online virtual training for Cracking Interviews. This will include your complete package from initiating postures & gestures. Will contain videos, e-books & Audio books for better training.
english speaking
This will include videos, e-books & audio books for better trainign on english speaking. You can use earphones while moving on the way, travelling or at night before sleeping to learn better english & making your pronunciation better.

fresher tips
There are some TIPS for freshers that Urgent Naukri will provide you. This is a part of our complimentary services, completely FREE, while we keep you updated by TIPS, DO's & DONT's and much more.
group discussion training
Urgent Naukri GDT provides you with online classes. This will include video lectures, sample videos, audio books, e-books and more.
online interview
Urgent Naukri's Online Interview will tell you about the things you will never know in a real interview. In real interview, you may get rejected but you will never know WHY. Here we'll tell you about all this, your strength & weakness that you can improve in further interviews.

personality development training
Urgent Naukri online Personality Development Training will help you building the professional personality which will be very useful in facing the interviews. You will learn about gestures and postures you need to maintain while walking, speaking or working.
online interview
Providing FREE registration on Jobify India. But beside this, we will register you on various social media websites, including LinkedIN. We will develop your profile and make you LIVE in the GO. When someone will search for you on Google, you'll be there.
walk in alerts
Urgent Naukri will keep you updated about the local Job offerings in your city. We provide Walk-in-Interview alerts via SMS & Email. You can opt-in for this service. You will receive alerts in Real Time, direct on your phone and inbox.



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